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I live in Waterford NY. NOT Syracuse NY, as seems to insist...

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On various occasions I used to go to Wendy's. Well, in no particular order, here is what has happened on each and every occasion:

* Cold food - brought it to their attention then they act like it is my fault

* Overcharged - even showing them the receipt, they still act snottily and throw the money at you

* Wrong Food - how hard is it to bag items that are on a screen in front of you? (and watch out when you tell them you got the wrong food, it is like all out war

* Snotty employees - always rude and short with you

* Vulgar Employees - whenwas vulgar language an acceptable practice at ANY place of business? (NEVER)

* Employee stating that you are purposly shorting them 25 cents - When I paid for my order I have them a $10 bill and the rest in change. Trying to juggle the change and also grabbing the food as they hurredly pass it out to you (as they seem to be unable to wait a moment), I miscounted the change by 25 cents - honest mistake. The employee then said, "Hey we used to let people get away with shorting us change, but not anymore". instead of saying something like "Excuse me, I need 25 cents more please". So I went inside (at drive thru then) and complained. The manager said that he would talk to (yea right) the employee, and then walked away. I do not like it in the LEAST when drive thru *** accuse me of gypping them off (first time actually) when all I did was miscount the change. The drive thru guy definitely needed an attitude adjustment. Wendy's have sent me generic I'm sorry letters, gift cards and phone calls from corporate office, but that means *** if it doesn't change, and it hasn't. So NO MORE WENDY'S FOR ME --- EVER!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

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I walk in to the Wendy's on Sahara and buffalo area dec 18 to enjoy a nice meal. As I waited 11 min for any kind of help to order my meal.

As I was waiting a none working employee was keeping everyone's attention in the back while I over heard her sobbing . Still waiting for my food. Now I'm pissed Customers are not number one or get the attention they deserve.. I just couldn't believe it.

No managers were around. They were to business pampering a girl in the back that should have never been there. After eating my meal in the lobby I was finally recognized and offered Assistance my a women cleaning tables. That made me feel better, she took time in wishing me happy holiday.

I will never go to that rude store again and I'll be to sure to let the social world know how my experience was and unsatisfied I am. Very disgusted with the service and that whole management team