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Well, I would like to say that Wendy's has been over all consistent. I have ordered the same thing four times a week for the past five months and they have yet to get it right.

I have dumb down my order to three crispy chicken sandwiches no lettuce extra pickles, which the sandwich comes with pickles to start mind you this is why I say extra because I want more than what comes on it. Every time I order this I get two pickles on my sandwich. I am unsure how many they come with normally I assume a pickle or maybe a half a pickle, since extra seems to be two every time. There must be a pickle shortage!

Well I guess I can live with that, what I can not live with is the fact that this last time I get the same thing and of course the two pickles even after saying "I want extra pickles" and the response was " It comes with pickles" I go, "yes I know, I want extra pickles". I open it and go to take a nice big *** of what I thought would be a crispy chicken sandwich and not the brick that tore up the roof of my mouth.

Congratulations! I have never had a sandwich make me bleed into my food before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had recently made a complaint ( about 1 week) to Wendy's Corporate because of the *** Customer Service and food quality about a restaurant in Kannapolis, NC. Corporate had never contacted me back. IMO Wendy's Corporation don't care about customers complaints and customers.