Rochester, New York
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We purchased meals to go at wendy,s. We ordered chili among other food.

My daughter said i can,t eat chili while driving. So we sat down to eat there. so we changed our mind about taking our food to go Any way some time later i asked for a refil on my drink, while ordering 2 frosty,s to go. and was told i couldn,t have a refill on my drink.

because i ordered my food to go. So we changed our mind, big deal. but i won,t eat there again. This happened at wendy,s at 731 east central ave.

in west carrolton ohio. the employee,s name is LORI. It ticked me off.And im still looking for someone else to complain to.

It would not have hurt anything to refill my drink.What happened to the costumer is always right . Was it a lousy employee, or is it a sign of the times.Jerry

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Maybe that's there store policy and it's not the employee's fault, maybe Lori would get in trouble if she gave you a free refill when you were leaving. Maybe the policy is there because if you get a free refill when you leave you might not buy more of their food, they might not make as much money. But if you only get a free refill when you stay there's the chance you might buy more things (they might make more money.) Don't be mad at Lori unless you know that's against their policy.


its a doller for a new drink this is why the customer is always right does not mean anything anymore :cry :cry :cry