Baltimore, Maryland

I ordered #8 and a large chili; I received lukewarm fries, cold fried chicken, and a small chili. So I called Wendy's and spoke with the day manager. His reply was, "Well, I have not received a complaint from any other person regarding cold food...come past later and I will have the manager give you some coupons and a large chili." Just what I needed, an insult from the manager! If I say my food was lukewarm and cold, so it is! He might as well have said, "You are a liar." Wendy's where is your management training?



Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

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Seriously?? Pay for your gas all your food and coupons, you probably did lie in hopes of getting free stuff. LOSER


If he were really sorry he would have offered to pay for the gas I wasted to get there as well and given me and he would have replaced my whole meal and on top of that given me the coupons and two free large chilies. He insulted me by being cheap.

He would have compensated for my meal at any choice restaurant because at that point I was fe dup with Wendy's. So in a way it is like he slapped me in the face by being cheap.


Sounds like the statement from the manager meant: "This doesn't really happen but we will fix it." What an outrage!!!


Hey, Syphillis, put a cork in it and stop your whining. It's not like he yelled at you or punched you in the face.

Someone call the Waaaambulance! :cry


He offered you a coupon for free chili and you think you were insulted? Is free food not good enough for you? The only insult was the manager and his staff having to deal with you.