Janesville, Wisconsin

I have been working in this area for 11 years and visit a "fast food" restaurant 1-2 times a week, WITH OUT fail for the past several visits to this location at this time of day the fries are cool and soggy, and the burger is not even warm enough to start to melt the cheese, on one occasion the bottom bun was hard! I though I would your store another chance .... bad mistake!!!

I would think being one of the first lunch time customers I should be receiving very fresh food but it is obvious that this is yesterdays food warmed up!

The "FALSE" statement of "Welcome to Wendy's what can I make fresh for you!" is a farce!

I work with 57 people in my building and you can be sure that I will be sending an e-mail to them also. There is a Burger Kind and Arby's right nest to this Wendy's location and I will be giving my money to these establishments in the future.

Yesterday's microwaved (not even enough to warm the the burger) and soggy fries when I am one of the first Lunch Time customers is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!

I guess they figure a drive Through customer will get whet ever they get since a drive through customer most likely does not have time to come back and complain, or back back and get the FRESH food we are paying for!!


A very dissatisfied customer!

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Are you aware that Wendy's prepares each order of food, as it is ordered. It is never prepared in advance.

Something is wrong with your story, how about telling us the rest of it.


No her story is correct as it stands. This happens all the time and not just at Wendy's.

The same thing happened to me today at a Wendy's in Florida. The jr bacon cheeseburger price has increased to 1.99 at this location and I was served a cold burger... The bun was cold and WET from being wrapped hot and allowed to sit for way too long as the Burger itself was cold and hard. It was so disgusting, I only took one *** for fear of getting ill.

And I was eating it in my car immediately after it was handed to me for a very quick *** on my way back to work. Fast food restaurants are going to make people sick doing this! We would all rather wait a little longer for fresh food that is not harboring bacteria from sitting too long! Fast food in general is not what it used too be.

Way too many menu items that sit in subpar warming trays for way too long. That is why places like 5 Guys have such better food. Limited menu options and everything prepared fresh... But no drive thru, otherwise that would be the only place I'd get my burgers.

Fast food is not cheap anymore.

There needs to be more attention to quality and freshness or I may as well grab a hot pocket at 7-11. At least that will be hot and less likely to give me food poisoning!