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I went to wendy's on Sunday and I had a coupon that said if you bought three chicken tenders that you got three free. I ordered that, plus a 50 cent small chocolate slushee.

Well, I got my 6 chicken tenders and they tasted like they had been sitting around for hours. They tasted real gross and were real dry. I didn't feel like being embarrassed and causing a scene, so I just ate them and left feeling real pissed off. I thought about the review that said "You Need To Nut Up And Say Something", so I went back there and told them how gross they were, and they got the manager and I told him, and he offered to make me 6 more to replace them.

These were piping hot, right out of the fryer, but they still had a funny taste to them, like they were real old. Anyway, steer clear from the chicken tenders at Wendy's, because they are just plain gross and a gyp.

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