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On 10/27/11 I went through the drive thru window Wendy's located on South Sherwood Forrest blvd, in Baton Rouge LA around appocimately 11:00 AM. I ordered a Baconator combo, replace the fries with chili with a coke to drink and a #1 with cheese, replace the fries with a salad, with a Dr. Pepper.

I drove to my husband's parking lot and awaited him to come out for lunch. In the mean time I began eating my order (the #1 with cheese, replace the fries with a salad, with a Dr. Pepper). I finished my cheeseburger first then began eating the salad. During this time my husband came in the car and began eating his order (Baconator combo, replace the fries with chili with a coke.) I was about half way through with my salad when i put my fork in the salad and there was a tiny green bug sitting on the lettese. This bug was not very big, probably the size of the hole in a key (the one used to put it on a key ring).

Upon seeing this bug i begin to *** My husband being concerned asked to see what was wrong, I showed him the big and he became sick as well.

I will not be going back to Wendy's for a VERY long time because of this incident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Cheeseburger.

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They're so lazy that they can pick up their fat *** and go inside to order their meal. that's why they go through the drive-thru.


How about lunch break? Limited time period. But you probably dont know about that you know not having a job and all.


Lol *** who eats the whole cheeseburger first! Probably was better off getting the fries!!!


What if they didnt want fries.


Can't even spell "Lettuce"......***


oh shut up nikalseyn!!!!! you're uneducated and *** for blaming this on illegals.

yes it might not be the best thing that they are coming in from out of the country illegally but they are not bringing in diseases!

i bet there are so many illegals out there with far more intelligence than you. so watch what you say.


I used to work there a lot of times we would get really big shipments of lettuce with a lot of bugs and my GM would not supervise employees to wash it properly or at all due to a hangover. We got complaints all the time.


Its a bug in ur food when u are about to eat it. Love to see u take a *** when one is on it fork :roll


Oh, come off it!! If you and/or your husband gagged because you saw a bug you need to see a shrink---and soon.

You would be surprised how many bugs and how much just plain dirt is in the food you eat. Most of the time you do not see it and just eat it. It does you no harm. What you REALLY need to watch out for is the bacteria and viruses becoming more prevalent in our food supply because of all the illegal mexicans coming into the country and working at menial jobs like Wendy's.

The are uneducated and have far lower hygienic standards that we do. They also are bringing in Tuberculosis, dengue fever and a host of diseases we thought were erradicated from the US. They are now making a comeback. You won't die from most bugs.

Centipedes are poisonous for example, while millipedes are not. Learn to identify bugs and then safely eat the non-poisonous ones with impunity.


Ok weirdo what are we a third world country eating bugs voluntarily? You come off it lol.