Brook Park, Ohio
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After purchasing a doublestack burger, I sat down in the dining room to eat it. Two bites in I hit a rock hard object and cracked a tooth.

The restaurant took a report, but corporate insurance refused to do anything about it. $80 for an emergency repair, and looking at another $400 for a cap on my tooth.

In severe pain I unfortunately swallowed the bone fragmrent or whatever it was. So they won't pay.

WARNING TO ALL - if you ever find yourself in this situation, don't swallow - spit it out, file a complaint and get a lawyer, they will try to get out of it, so get a lawyer and sue!

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We both had the Wendy's double stack hamburgers and almost at the same time, bit into something hard in each of our hamburgers. We both spit out a small white, maybe 1/2 inch long piece.....they both looked like bone fragments, with mine being sharp on both ends.

Complained online, forwarded the picture to the manager....I would have thought they'd like to have the pieces to figure out what they were and why they were in the hamburgers! But no, we got coupons for two small free combo meals. REALLY????????? That's all Wendy's is going to do?

How many others has this happened to? Sure glad these two hamburgers weren't given to a small child.


Just ate a Wendy's Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe and bit down on something extremely hard. I spit everything out and sure enough a *** rock. A ROCK!


I was eating fries from Wendy’s today and I bit down on something hard and spit everything in my mouth out and looked through it all.

Sure enough, there was a small gray rock on the plate.

Definitely a rock, you can’t even smash it with your fingers.

Now my mouth is killing me.

I will never eat wendy’s again.


I just ate Wendy's and had a rock in my French fries!!!!! I found it in my mouth and spit it out.

It's small grey and definitely a ROCK!!!

Disgusting. I never eat there usually and now I NEVER will AGAIN!!!


This just happened to me yesterday. I kept the evidence, tooth, sandwich and everything in the original Sonic bag.

I've never sued anyone, and hope I don't have to. They filed a claim on my behalf, and say that the insurance co. will be in touch. We will see where this goes.

I'm not looking for any more than it takes to fix my tooth. I have dental ins., but should not have to pay for this.


I was eating a King Soopers ground beef burger tonight and it cracked one of my back molars right in half. I have healthy teeth to boot!

Dammit, I hope my dentist can get me in tomorrow. I called the grocery store as well. OUCH!

Heard it crack! :( :upset


I purchased a baked potato and it had dirt and small rocks under the potato.without knowing this I took a *** and broke 2 it does happen even if you *** normal.I spit it back in the bowl and found 2 rocks under the potato baked into the skin and 2 broken teeth.They will be paying to have this fixed without a doubt.I have the friggin evidence.


To all the *** There is a thing called liability for a reason. Some don't want to " get rich " they just want the bill paid.

You ever think that maybe a 900$ bill might be too much for some people? expecially when someone else was at fault? Someone opens their car door and smashes your door up...

You gonna just say no biggie? please, use some reason, not just emotion.




Funny, because I work at Wendy's and we've NEVER had this type of complaint. The burgers are more finely ground so they cook quicker, so there should never be fragments.

This is your classic case of someone trying to get rich quick. Sorta like how someone had placed a finger in their chili a few years back.


No it happened to me at a wendys here in Mokena IL just a few months ago eating a cheese burger A rock hard object in it. I am in a lawsuit now with them.


*** I was eating a double stack yesterday and something hard was in the freaking burger and cracked my tooth! I'm not just someone trying to make some money off of freaking Wendy's yeah we're going to get rich off of a broken tooth! I just want my tooth fixed!


who the *** chomps down on the burger at 100mph to break their teeth? ppl who complain about this got nuthin better to do by try to get rich quick, wendys is rite for not caring, do you seriously think wendys executives eat at a fast food joint? ***.


Last October 2009 I ate a Jr. bacon Cheesburger.

I bit down on a bone fragment and split my tooth in half. I notified the manager immediately and they began making excuses saying that I had no proof. I swollowed whatever it was that cracked my tooth.

I went to the dentist and still a year later I have a horrible tooth ache. wendy's sucks and I will never eat there again.


Ate a Wendy's Hamburger last Friday and bit down on a bone fragment, I thought I just jammed my teeth, was sore through last weekend, so I went to the Dentist and they told me my tooth cracked up the middle and can't be saved, it has to be pulled, I now wish I would have kept the piece of bone, so if this happens to you KEEP THE BONE FRAGMENT!!! I did some research and found out this happens alot and they are not libel and don't Google and read..




To random employee: From reading your answer I see why you are a Wendy's employee. Bad english, spelling, etc.

will certainly make sure you are working for a fast food company for many more years. Why don't you quit and go get your GED.


really,as if it is wendys fault. the company they get the meat from is who u souuld go after,***.if you ppl wernt so simple minded,u could figure that out on ur own,but thats askin too much.iv worked at wendys for over2years,and yes,some managers are rude ***,and the higher-ups only care about money,but is that any diffrent than you?


Wow! Ya'll complain about *** ***.

I understand the whole breaking your tooth on a piece of bone that shouldn't have been in you're burger. This is more directed towards M. If you don't like their cheese, which is the same cheese that all fast food places serve, then don't order it. And quit complaining about them running out of fries.

They can't control how many orders of fries they sell. They were probably VERY busy the day you went there and they had ran out. That kind of stuff use to happen all the time when I worked at Wendy's. I can't count how many times I had to run to one of the other stores for supplies because we had ran out and the truck hadn't shown up yet.

So get over it. *** happens


I found two hard pieces of bone in a burger a few weeks ago at the Silverdale, WA location after a pathetically bad customer service nightmare with their employees. Overall Wendy's is tasty, but bone-in burgers are simply unacceptable and don't get me started on their *** cheese...ugh...or the time our location ran out of fries around 5pm!!! What!?!