Charlotte, North Carolina
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I was so excited to see Wendy's recently bring the Taco Salad back, but if they're going to bring it back, it would be good if the restaurants would stock the items that are supposed to go with the Taco Salad. I've been to two Wendy's stores this week...No.

17, at 2933 Eastway Drive in Charlotte, NC and No. 27 at 5801 N. Sharon Amity Road, Charlotte, NC...I went thru the drive-thru and when placing my order was told by the Wendy's representative that they were out of the salsa and the chips and was asked if I still wanted it.

Of course, my response was "No"...After all, the salsa and chips is what "makes" their Taco Salad. REALLY disappointed!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Taco Salad.

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Same thing here in va beach va then I got one at another location at the drive through got home no chips no sour cream no tomato no cheese really I was pissed


not worth the money, you get a plate full of lettuce, a small thing of chili with no meat and a bag with about 8 chips in it.


Wendy's announce the Taco Salad is Back! No, I don't think so.

It is a Taco salad, but not the original one that everyone loved. 1. The serving is smaller; 2. You do not get a full serving of Chili; 3.

The "Signature Salsa" does not flatter the chili; 4. The chips are not seasoned and 4.

Very skimpy with the cheese and tomato. Sorry Wendy's, but you missed the mark big time on this one.