After going through my job turn-down list, I discovered I was denied employment at a low wage sh***y job. Just like all the others who judge me without getting to know me, or my high work ethic is Wendy's BIG mistake.

From this point forward, I would rather starve than to eat at Wendy's, Taco *** KFC, or pizza *** oh and What-A-Burger also falls into that category. My close friends who know me, know my work ethic, my character, and who I am.

Because of these damned job finder websites these restaurants use, automatically deny me from any good employment even though I have a damned bachelor's degree, in which I am about to begin my masters degree. Judge me shame on you, and may GOD himself judge you on the criteria you base judging me with.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

I didn't like: Hiring practice.

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Maybe the truth is: you have a shitty personality/attitude or have something on your background. Or, you just have a poor work ethic.

When you go job searching, of course they judge you.

Why hire someone who is going to be rude or has a felony on their background? Even God would agree.

to Someone #1507632

That's why you lost my business. Comments like the one you made.

to Someone #1511239

Actually people do hire felons Wendy's one of them. Just because they have a felony doesn't make them a bad person.

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