Baltimore, Maryland

Coworker took my glasses claim she did not know who's they were. I have had management yell at me in front of crew and customers I have to go to the bank all time to get one's and fives and had to go to other Wendy for things we did not have on my owe gas I was do my raise April 24 2011 it was not in my pay.

The night crew did not do their closing work. I would open Monday have to close before opening I clean tables walls and bathrooms ect.

Most of crew and some management would use curse words they used the f word all time they were ask to stop did not . I was their for two years

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You should've stayed, you don't even know the difference between *their* and *there*


You should start training on "WeLearn" we get paid to train over computer. Your wendys experience depends on your peers.


my boyfriend works for wendys pburg west virgina and has worked for 23 day in june with only 2 day off because people dont want to work take them off the payrole to many people need jobs now :(


The only fool is the employee and the one replying to non exictient Tasha. This person admitted to using gas money for other things.


The only fool is the employee and the one replying to non exictient Tasha. This person admitted to using gas money for other things.


I feel sorry for you, they actually want to do the work that you are paid to do.


HAHA you want to complain about Wendy's listen to what happened to me today...First a little about me I have been in the food business for 16 1/2 years been manager at a store and resturant...Wendys hired me last week to be shift manager, on my 3rd day I was expected to run a shift and the only thing I have been trained to do there is fry french fries!!!!! I have repeatditly asked management what do I need to know what do I need to do?

All I got was " you got time to lean, you got time to clean" So I went into to work on my 3rd day blind sided...and was told I was being demoted to crew because I couldnt perform....I shouldnt be demoted due to their lack of training skills!!! I will quit before the make a monkey out of me!!!

And come to find out all the shift managers they hired for their new store got the same treatment!!!! Also if you knew what the grease your fries was cooked in looks like you wouldnt eat there!!!!!


Tasha - you're an ***. A low paid worker should not have to provide the gas for a large corporation to perform ordinary business functions such as having sufficient change for transactions. The complaint should have gone to higher management, but it is difficult to complain when you don't know what the repercussion would be especially during the current Obama economy of high unemployment.


I know this is easier said than done, but it is possible. Get out of these corporate machines as soon as possible.

They do not want you to grow, develope or enhance your life. They certainly do not want to pay you more money. Do not let "management" (or people who are managers not because of their leadership abilities but because they have been there 20 years) bring you down.

At this point I would offer suggestions, but that road is up to you...just don't give up and don't sell yourself short. Keep an open and optimistic mind.


U should have filed a complaint on the crew and management. Ppl cuss, big deal, u coils have complained about that as well.

and sometimes u have to get money and things from other stores, they aren't forcing u to, u complain about going then u complain that they won't let u go anymore, make up ur mind...the only thing wrong in ur post is that sum1 took ur glasses, but u dont say if they gave them back.

Grow up go back to school cuz I coils barely understand this, u probably were slacking off and didn't get ur raise. Peace


Whatever red my letter dummy before comenting, they say they give no raise cause i not do work while others not do work either. other crew members complain for me for no reason sayinng i am not doing work and managers say i take too long to go to bank and don't let me go no more.


You should have filed a complaint through the proper channels that protect your rights as an employee.. to let it go on for 2 years is rediculous