Payson, Arizona
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while visiting payson, az. we chose to dine at wendy's on beeline hwy.

jan. 26,2008. bad service, cold food, manager not interested. we ordered a spicey chicken sandwich,fries,milk, coffee,large chili,and one cheeseburg jr.

the food was cold, the milk was sour, there was not any crackers available for the chili..and coffee.the cheeseburg was totally omitted. giving the benefit of the doubt, this is the second visit to this establishment...the first visit was earlier in the week, going thru the drive-thru,with same results.

goodby wendy's.

you should investigate said establishment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wendys Manager.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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Wendy's service and food has been going downhill for some time now--I know; I have just made two complaints about two Virginia Beach stores; their rude servers, how they shut down the vanilla frosty machine about 9 pm "because we don't want to clean it". I was sent a nice email for dinner on the regional manager. I have not yet popped them with that email yet; though I soon will.

I remember when Wendy's hamburgers were actually good--now you have to go searching to find them under the bun. The fries are a disgrace.

The only redeeming quality they have is that Frosty. :x