Albuquerque, New Mexico

I walked into a Wendys on Sawmill Road in Santa Fe NM , one female customer in front of me, no one else. She ordered a strawberry shake.

Only one female rep, when change was given the customer complained about the dirty and gross pennies she was given (weird) I thik this women was trying to be as difficult as possible). While I am waiting there are at least four other employees milling in back, all of them looked at me but not one of them said anything to acknowledge my presence or if someone would be waiting on me soon, Nothing. When the cs rep is almost finished making the shake the customer tells her "I didn't know you also had vanilla shakes) In other words 'I want to change my order.' I'm still waiting but am obviously invisible to the other workers. I left.

I also had a bad experience here about a year ago and called the Wendys number to complain. I don't remember exactly what was promised, I believe a coupon was going to be emailed to me, but it never happened. I am not a complainer, in fact these were the oly two times I have ever launched a complaint with a business. I called the Wendys line on my latest complaint and asked for nothing in return because I didn't want to be shafted again, but if a business takes itself serious they at least know what a mess they are.

Don't eat at Wendys. There is alway B.K., McDonalds, and my favorite Whataburger!!! I hope they open one soon in Santa Fe. I will gladly help promote their business.

In the meantime I am notifying all the medical offices located close to this Wendys and tell them about my expereince. We are a tight group and their are plenty more lunch options avaialble.

Goodby e Wendy!.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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