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I went to Wendy's. There I was served by a black woman. Now I have nothing against blacks however they do not know how to give correct change. Just the week before I went to Burger King and they short changed me. I asked for another server. She got offended and brought someone else that was working there. This worker too was black. I asked her if there were any white people working there. There was one. I asked her if she can be the one to take my orders as the blacks would pocket my change and try to short change me. I never said this. I overheard one of the blacks tell her friend that I am racist. I am a registered nurse. I am not racist. It is infact these blacks who want to do the same job as whites when they are not qualified and as smart as us.(Studies have proved that their brain size is smaller than ours) I am a registered nurse and know this. I was very offended when I was accused of racism when it is Wendy's who is racist by not hiring any whites because the blacks cry racism just because they are not qualified to get a job.

For the embarassment which I was caused I should have gotton a free value meal of some type and a gift card. I will be taking legal matters for slander and deframing my character as I am not racist. I can't help it if blacks are the way they are.

This is not the first incidient that Wendy's showed racism. They are not only racist towards whites but blacks also in a commercial where they implied that blacks need a calculator to do a simple third grade mulitplation. I still should get compensation for them exposing this type of commercial to me and my children.

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To: The Reviewer. You're the perfect example of a customer from h... Nobody wants you as a customer with the way you're thinking.


She's just sore because she got ripped off in this life, and was stuck being white.

Listen l̶a̶z̶y̶ lady, it isn't our fault you came out a loser in the race of life. God made you a loser long before we came along.

Maybe in your next life you'll have some color on ya. Hahahahahaha


:grin :roll :zzz :p :eek :) ;) 8) :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x

This is how I feel for your children. Someone find out who this is so they can call child services.


u r so entertaining please keep em coming :zzz


All of you people are a bunch of ignorant ***. ( except for the white people ) LOL !


All of you people are a bunch of ignorant ***. ( except for the white people ) LOL !


She does not have a husband he divorced her.


I am black and you are just jealous of us because we have bigger peni$e$ than your husband. Studies also show that blacks have a bigger peni$.


I don't know what nursing school you went to but black people are just the same as us. Just because one black lady made a mistake you think she is not qualiied for her job.

The adult thing to do would be for you to ask for your change back. Take her to court if you have to for calling you a racist. This is not slandering your character. Just reading your posts you are obviosly racist.

You are a bad parent if you teach your children to hate based on skin color. You ask for another gift card you are not entitled to.


I like their big ***.


Yeah, "They" can't make change. Also the oriental can't drive.


Let me say that speaking simple facts does not make you racist. And even if you are, more power to you.

You're an educated woman and that's why you're an RN and not some jungle bunny working in fast food. Take care.


You are in fact very racist. This is the most ignorant letter I have read yet.


after reading this.. i have decided that your not real and your just messing with us.. cause this made me laugh so hard!



You are SO racist. Saying that blacks are less intelligent. WOW! I'm not black and yet I still take offense to that remark.

So according to you my cousin's wife, who is a chemical engineer and working on her masters, is unintelligent because of her skin color. You are incredibly ignorant.

Why don't you take a job at Wendy's if you have such a problem with who they hire and their ability to count change. I bet you'd do just an awesome job of *** people off


this whole posts screams racism, while it is true some cashiers cannot count change, their race has nothing to do with it, I know plenty of white people who cannot count change, I am a cashier at Wendy's and we have black people who can count change perfectly, it is a matter of what they learned in school, if there is an issue, you should talk to the manager, so that person can be trained better on cash handling


Registered Nincompoop, is more like it. Turn in your license, a$$hair, because you certainly don't deserve it.


I am white....and sweetheart...your not just a rasist...your ignorant as well


I work with a lot of Registered Nurses that are also black. Seems to me they must have missed your *** test that you speak of.

They are very intelligent.

You on the other hand are an embarrassment to the caucasian race. I feel for your patients of all color.


Your KKK gift card is in the mail lady.