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Wendys Terrible Service

Went thru drive Thru today at 1:05pm (Reg 4, 2010-03-16, 1:05pm, 12901725 4 4052, 17816 108th Ave SE Renton WA 98058) I live a mile from here so am familiar with poor service on a continuing basis from this site, I am a Wendys customer so I keep hoping my calls and feedback will make a change. Today, ordered a triple meal #3 with chili instead of fries and 4 chicken nuggets. I left and headed to my destination, I reached in a bag and came out with chili, they placed the chili container on it's side nest to the hamburger in bottom of bag, the lid had come open and bottom of bag was leaking chili. I stopped and pulled into a parking lot, below the chili and hamburger was my straw, bent and flattened. there were 2 napkins but they were already covered with chili. In the other bag was 4 chicken nuggets and 2 napkins along with 4 sweet/sour sauces. I had asked for barbeque sauce. The nuggest were not warm but cold, all of them. Also in the bag were 2 napkins, no spoon for chili or crackers for chili. Person taking order had problem understanding English so I repeated everything at speaker and window. Today's experience was the final straw, and I have gone out of my way to give them feedback and never asked for anything in return other than fixing the problem. Last time my hamburger had one less meat patty than ordered, food is rarely hot and forget the fries, soggy. How Wendy's can allow the service at this facility to continue is beyond me, I hear the same comment from other people in the area.....HELP DAVE! I remember when Wendy's had to hire off duty police officers to control the traffic during lunch hour, and they wore buttons that said Hot and Juicy….now it should be Cold and Old!
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If you wre careful with how you held the bag the chilie would not have been over everything.


I work at Wendy's as a manager, and your complaints aren't any different than other people's. Chili has ALWAYS been an issue with drive-through, because we put it in straight, and a lot of the times the customer grabs the bag at an angle, causing it to spill. The lids aren't that strong to begin with (weaker cheaper lids keep the cost down), so normally it isn't even our fault that chili spills.

As for your nuggets, not sure why they are cold, we keep them under 130 degree heating lamps.

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Wendys in Portland, Oregon - Ruined my dinner

We live in southeast Portland Oregon. My wife and I are retired and at least once a week when we are out dinging around we like to stop at a Wendy's and grab a hamburger and fries. The last one we stopped at, after giving our order and as I was about to pay, I asked the man if he gave us our senior citizen discount. He said they don't give discounts. I told him we always get a discount and he said it had been last year when they quit. We got our food and sit down to eat. The fries were nice and hot but the hamburger was cold and the bun so dry you could choke on it. Half way through eating the man behind the counter came out with a broom and dust pan and started sweeping the carpeting. This raise a lot of dust and made it hard for us to breathe. Then as we were about finished eating, he came back out with a spray bottle of cleaner and started spraying on the tables around us to clean them. The spray caused us to choked up again and we finally grabbed what was left of our food and through it in the garbage can and left. I don't believe after all these years of eating at Wendy's, that we will return there. What with bad food and no senior discount, I see no reason. Come on Wendy's, wake up and return the good food and customer service you had a few years ago.
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If you need a discount so bad that it affects your financial needs don't go often. They don't owe you a thing.


wendy used to give a 10% seniors discount on the entire meal.

Now they offer a free senior drink instead, which actually works out to more than a 10% discount

all wendys should have a bissell carpet sweeper which does not cause dust & all employees should be trained not to clean that close to someone trying to enjoy their meal :) :zzz


What most people are not ware of is that last year Arby's bought Wendy's. The upper management of Wendy's was replaced with Arby's people and alot of Davies ways went out the window for Arbys ways. One of Davies veleives was to give back and the senior citizen discount was one way he gave back.


All of the fast food franchises hire teens as young as 16. They are more interested in flirting with the young men or women driving around the drive through than waiting on customers.

You really should have spoken to the manager though to voice your complaints. Our McDonald's have routinely dealt with complaints in a very satisfactory way.

@Fast Food Freddy

I worked at Wendy's when I was 16. Not because I wanted to flirt, but because I love people.

I started at minimum wage ($7.25) , then at my 6 months, got a $.15 raise. I continued working there for the longest time, until my management would not do anything about the sexual harassment and sexual assault that was occurring among the workers. I ended up being kissed against my will in the walk-in cooler. The employee should have been fired, but the management just said "You know how he is." I loved Wendy's customers, and I would never hesitate to help someone.

We had the best regulars, they were fantastic. I was also very good at fixing problems. You ordered your sandwich with no onions and it came with onions? Here, give me the sandwich, and I'll throw it away and have the sandwich maker make it all over again.

I didn't ever get another raise after working my *** off, so I quit and took my hard work elsewhere, to McDonald's, where I was worth $9.00 and hour and was taken more seriously. It was a shame to watch my Wendy's ship go down, but I'm glad I left.

They've become so disrespectful, I don't even eat there anymore.

But I will never forget the skills I learned.


Wendy's sure has changed. I went to one recently here in the Northeast, and they served us almost raw burgers!

In this day and age of health hazards? :roll

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Wendys in Dallas, Texas - Second time I've received wrong order

Two days ago I went to Wendy's on Beltline in Irving. I have always loved Wendy's. Unfortunately for the last couple of visits apparently the people taking the order after I paid for it have given me the wrong order. The last time I ordered a Bacon Burger but instead received just a burger. I called and got nowhere. I was told I should have checked my order before leaving the parking lot and there was nothing they could do about it. I have had similar situations with this same Wendy's and now believe I will go elsewhere since no one seems to care about the service.
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I also received the wrong order tonight. Who checks the order in the parking lot???

OPen up the food and re-wrap it because these idiots can,t get it straight. aside from that, they said we'll give you fries since the baked potatoes are not ready yet....If I wanted fries, I would have ordered them.

Don't take my order and then, 10 minutes later ask me to substitiute something else. I'm done with wendys in Willikston park NY.


If the manager on dutie would not fixed your order. Take down their name and there is a "talk to wendy" number that is printed on most Wendy's bags on the side.

When you call the number make sure they are aware of who the manager was. They will turn it over to the DM of the store who in turn will turn it over to the GM for call you and solve the problem.

The Gm in turn will have to let the DM know how the problem was solved. By using this hot line the store will also get a bad rating on the quest star reort of customer serve and after so many the DM will have to explain to his boss why.


Sally, don't you have something more important to do except call people names?

I've read some of your other comments and

find you must be a really lonely person since I don't believe someone like you would have any friends. It's either that or Wendys is paying you to discriminate

against those complaining.


Always check your order, ***.

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At least at the Wendy's locations I have visited in Western Washington State, they always possess two cash registers up front. However, in my experience, it is incredibly rare that they open the second one no matter how busy they become. Why? I've seen this...
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To have multiple cashiers at the front you have to have the crew to back them up. It doesn't even matter if they don't have the cashier--even if they did, if they didn't have the capacity to fill those orders, you'd be waiting anyway.

At the store I work at, the second register is only opened at absolute peak times (lunch rush only) or when the cashier is sent on break.

At all other times it is the computer that the employees use to clock in and clock out. There is no reason to have it open if you can't get the orders out.

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Wendys in Chicago, Illinois - Pissed off mom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter went to wendys this morning at 10:30am she went to go through out the garbage for her and her friend and she fell and hit her head !!No one bothered to help her or ask if she was ok !There was no signs in that area that said wet floor !!! They had a nasty attitude so she left !!There was no accident report filed and when I got home she told me what happened and I called the wendys that she went to and the manager said she didnt know that it even happened !! So I want to know what kind of accomidation that my daughter will get out of this !!!!!
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man, wendys french fries are always under coocked. who wants to eat raw french fries? no matter who coockes them, what wendys i go to, they raw.


Why were you not going with your daughter. If she cannot write her own letter obviously she is too young to be going on her own.


Fellow Wendy's employee here. You might be wondering why nobody helped, it's because in the back it's so loud you can't ever hear anything from the dining room.

Not to mention, the employees will often let the managers know when something like that happens IF THEY SEE IT.

Not to mention, your daughter should look where she's going before walking. The only place Wendy's doesn't have carpet is in the main ordering area, otherwise the rest is carpeted, but trash cans are not stored in the ordering area, so obviously she tripped on something else.


if your daughter had reported her fall to the manager you'd have $25,000 by now

And how could the employees have a nasty attitude if No one knew she fell?



Wendys cares very much about accidents, will in the store your daughter should have ashed for the manager. Wendys finds a store $500 on their P&L if and accidents is not reported by the end of the manager shift it happen on. even if your daughter was not hurt the manager is stils have to fileeport in case of future issues


Unless it was unusually slick, this seems like a simple accident and not a lawsuit. Was it raining or snowing that day or just wet? If it was weather related, your daughter should have been aware of the possibility that the floor might be slippery. That is just common sense. Was she actually injured or just embarrassed? Did she require medical attention? If so, what did they find (or not find)?

Do you put up a "CAUTION! Wet Floor" sign every time your floor at home is a little wet? What if your daughter slipped in your kitchen? Would you expect her to file a report and/or sue you?

Unless the circumstances were out of the ordinary, this seems like just a typical accident that could have happened anywhere. If the floor was slicked up with soapy water, or something strange along those lines, you might have a valid argument. If your daughter did not require medical care, why would they need to provide "accomidation?" By the way it's spelled "accommodation." :roll

Also, why did YOU call Wendy's when you WEREN'T EVEN THERE at the time the accident occurred!?! This sounds like your daughter's responsibility. I assume she is old enough to handle a simple complaint if you allowed her to go without you. You talk about their attitude, lack of signage etc. without knowing anything first hand. You are publicly shaming their business based on a secondhand story. Additionally, it is difficult to take a complaint seriously when the poster has such terrible grammar and spelling. It's throw not through. Both are words, but they have different definitions. You should probably learn how to use an apostrophe too. Ugh.


People should quit expecting something for nothing! Your daughter fell, get over it.

You don't get money for everything that happens to you. Thats why everything costs so *** much, people exploiting the system.


Way to go - she won't get anything because she left the scene of the accident without filing a report of any kind.

Even if she had filed a report, it'd be an uphill battle to get anything.

People like you and your 'what do I get?! gimme, gimme, gimme' attitude have ruined it for the rest of your kind, so you're stuck.


unless they wrote a report burden of proof is on your side.

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After purchasing a doublestack burger, I sat down in the dining room to eat it. Two bites in I hit a rock hard object and cracked a tooth. The restaurant took a report, but corporate insurance refused to do anything about it. $80 for an emergency repair, and looking at...
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We both had the Wendy's double stack hamburgers and almost at the same time, bit into something hard in each of our hamburgers. We both spit out a small white, maybe 1/2 inch long piece.....they both looked like bone fragments, with mine being sharp on both ends.

Complained online, forwarded the picture to the manager....I would have thought they'd like to have the pieces to figure out what they were and why they were in the hamburgers! But no, we got coupons for two small free combo meals. REALLY????????? That's all Wendy's is going to do?

How many others has this happened to? Sure glad these two hamburgers weren't given to a small child.

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A new thing at wendy's - when you order a combo meal they ask "do you want medium or large?" The prices on the menu are listed as small. I always just reiterate that I want SMALL. On my last visit the manager said they don't have small today - only medium or...
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I worked for Wendy's for a while as both Crew member and Manager, I knew all the tips and tricks.

Today, I went to a Wendy's with my partner and we only had $2.14, which we knew was enough money to get what we both wanted, since we just wanted 2 $.99 items.

He wanted a Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, and I wanted a Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe.

Now, the Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe comes with mayo, catsup, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard, the cheese, and the meat on the regular bun. It costs $1.19.

If you order a Jr Cheeseburger, add everything... it's the same sandwich. But since condiments at Wendy's are free, the sandwich still costs $.99.

I ordered a JBC and A Jr Cheeseburger add everything, and when I saw the guy had punched in a Deluxe, I said nicely "I actually wanted a Jr Cheeseburger..." and he got upset!

I got into an argument with him since I had actually been a manager and sometimes treated customers to the cheaper sandwich! He was so rude to me. For what, $.20, you can't just void it off and give the *** customer what they want?

That's ridiculous. Congratulations, Wendy's, you're officially so desperate, you're going to screw someone out of $.20.

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Wendys in Rochester, New York - The people working there were rude and snotty to me

i have not patronized the wendy's restaurant in my small town for at least 2-3 years, due to the snotty and hateful attitudes of the employees and manager there. they acted like they were being put-upon by performing the jobs they are obviously paid to do. not all racists are white, obviously. that's ok wendy's keep your *** burgers!! they're not that *** special anyway. this problem is obviously not confined to my small town, but seems to be entrenched inthe entire wendy's conglomerate. i hope nobody buys your *** and you are forced to go out of business. you suck!!
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Be glad they speak English..I went to McDonald no one spoke english so I had to point at the picture and this is Kansas...Well make things short they got the order wrong and I ask does anyone here speak english, please..A manager came out, who could speak some what speak english that you at least could understand if he repeat and yell at me and told me to leave..I never once raise my voice or talk bad to him or his employees..I am a 55 yr old widow and not a bad bone in my body...but when I said my order is wrong and some things do not have pictures for me to point at, the manager told me to leave..Never again will I walk into a McDonald and maybe it is for the best at least I might live longer from all that high fat they have in the food....


its been awhile since i went to wendys and i went there 2 weeks ago and when i was beening waited on the cashier was on her cell phone while trying to take my order and i told her when your done on the phone you can take my order and she look at me like i was crazy i told if you cant take orders and be on the phone at the same time then im going to get the manager,i finally got the manager and he told her to go home, im a very patient person and ive work in retail before but i believe as an employee its wrong,unprofessional and rude for a cashier to be talking on the phone while she/he is in front of a customer, i absoutely hate that wendys in randallstown,md the people are rude and their kids who have no respect!!!

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I went to Wendy's. There I was served by a black woman. Now I have nothing against blacks however they do not know how to give correct change. Just the week before I went to Burger King and they short changed me. I asked for another server. She got offended and...
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To: The Reviewer. You're the perfect example of a customer from h... Nobody wants you as a customer with the way you're thinking.

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Wendys in Indianapolis, Indiana - Served bad hamburger

I went to Wendy's and got 4 hamburger meals and 1 chicken nugget one.Took them home to eat after that within the hour we all became ill. My 2 sons, my husband and myself all started to throw up we did not get to bed until 1am. My daughter did not get sick she was the one who ate chick. nuggets. I have call the store and they say no one had gotten sick and this is the second time this is happen to us. I was treated like I was lieing that is not true. I worry about sons ages 9mo., and 4 yrs. I think they sheould be polite and reimburse us with money or different food and an appology. Also they should keep better care of their meat has I heard it was fresh not frozen
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Do you have to work hard at being that *** or does it come natural?

OH and Bill saminella takes up to about 2 days for the first symtoms to show. Not mins. Not always throwing up. Mostly starts with very tired, fevor and upset stomach. With in hours of the first symtoms it moves very fast.


There should be an 800 # on your receipt for the corp office complaint line, did you save the wrappers and any uneaten food if so take it to your local health dept. and they can test it, and while you are there fill out a complaint. I know this sounds gross but if you can get some of your vomit in a ziplock to them that will help, with all the saminella around you never know what type of bug you picked up.

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