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  • 1 day ago
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Stopped in Wendy's (#0977, I-95/273) near Newark, De. * Nice upgrade, going backwards. Customers are confused, it was better the old way * Service is slow, employee was confused

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Well wanted 2 baked potatos told only had one available. order it with sourcream chives cheese and bacon no chives or sourcream was put on it. Then order a kids meal and 6 piece got the food tossed out the drive window very rudely my kids meal no fries just a burger and 1sauce for the 6 piece no spoons for our frosties. worst customer service very sad I live so close and will choose not to return

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This wendys is horrible. I have had problems with this location before but tonight it was the worst. I waited in the drive thru for 10 mins. Went inside & had to wait even longer just for one cheesburger. Once I opened my bag the burger was not hot & the top bun was stale. There are many other fast food places in that area that I can go to. I wish there was another Wendys because I have had a good burger at other Wendys, not this one. ... Read more

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  • Aug 24
  • #906184

I ordered baconator fries and somehow they forgot to put bacon on it. So I took it back in and had her put bacon on it. I literally watched her grab 2 pieces of bacon with her bare hands and rip it into pieces and place the bacon onto the fries. Disgusted me. Had her make me a new fries with gloves on.

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  • Aug 23
  • #906144

Thomasville Rd in Tallahassee Fl. How do these people stay employed here? No manners, no appreciation, no gratitude.

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Wendys - Wendy's Allergies
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Wendy's , I am a big fan of Wendy's. I always get the Pic 4 with a plain hamburger and medium fries. It is always great , but here and then I have to remind you guys to not put any cheese or bacon or tomatoes on my burger. I wrote this review because I am concerned about your beverages and food : you have smoothies that look so delicious , but are in a flavor that I'm allergic or intolerant to. It is not just me that is concerned , there are... Read more

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Today I went thru the drive thru at Wendy's in Rainsville, AL, to order my usual frosty (i order several a week). There was a sign taped to the speeker that said they were out of frosties, so I left. I am,hoping this does not repeat tomorrow becase I am looking forward to the 50 cent frosty day. But really, should y'all really be out of frosties? At wendy's? This is the only wendy's in our county. The other one close by is about 20 to 30 minute... Read more

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Just went to the Charleston location and that store sucks ***! I'm so pissed off with this location/order! As you can see it's a simple order. ORIGINALLY asked for (2) $4 meal deals you see there was 1 and I had ordered 1 chicken nugget separately from this. But let me back up for a minute. As I was ordering the *** taking the order acted like he was in rush mode and I wasn't even taking long I knew exactly what I wanted and check this out he... Read more

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I ordered 2 BLT Crispy Sandwiches a value fry and medium Dr Pepper for lunch got back to work only to find the sandwiches were wrong screwed my lunch. I should have known better the same thing happened a week or so again. Wendy's blows quality is gone and the price has gone way up. So long fast food and you want 15.00 an hour what a joke poor Dave is spinning in the grave at what's happened to his business Read more

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Made a trip to the Wendy's in North Topeka, Ks on Wednesday August 17 with the intention of getting a Baconator combo for lunch. Walked in at 10:45 and the restaurant was virtually empty with the exception of two old women at the one open order station. They were trying to use some kind of coupon and the woman behind the counter obviously didn't have a clue how to enter that coupon. After standing there like a lump on a log for over 5 minutes a... Read more

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